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Hazel Lush is a rising star in adult entertainment. She is known for her stunning looks and undeniable talent. Hazel was born on May 3, 1999 in the United States. She quickly made a name for herself on camera and on the internet. At the age of 25, Hazel has already achieved a significant level of success, with a net worth estimated at $3 million. But her journey to stardom began in 2022 when she made her debut with a shoot for the renowned film studio ‘Many Vids.’

Since then, Hazel has become a household name. She captivates audiences with her performances and beauty. Hazel is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weight is about 60 kilograms. She is a talented actress and model, and also a striking figure. It’s Hazel Lush is on her way to fame. Her creativity and love for the stage make this no surprise. Stay tuned for more updates on her life, family, and career in this blog post.

Who is Hazel Lush?

Hazel Lush is well-known. Many people know her because she is very good at acting in movies and making internet videos. She started doing this in 2022 and many people liked her work right away. Hazel was born on May 3, 1999, which makes her 25 years old.

She has always liked to be on stage, even when she was a little girl, dreaming of becoming a star one day. Hazel is also known for being very tall and likes to create things, showing her creative side. She went to a school near her home, where she loved to act in plays and make art.


Full Name:Hazel Lush
Born Date:May 3, 1999
Age:25 years old as of 2024
Horoscope: United States

Real Name

Hazel Lush is not the name she was given when she was born. It’s a special name she chose for herself for her work. Just like some people have nicknames. Hazel picked a name she thought sounded cool. She thought it would help her stand out.

In the world where Hazel works, choosing a unique name is something many people do. It’s kind of like when you play a game and get to pick a fun character name for yourself.

The Early Years of Hazel Lush

Hazel Lush grew up in a sunny town filled with laughter and play. As a little girl, she loved to pretend, dressing up in costumes and imagining she was in faraway lands. Her backyard was her castle, and she was the brave hero of every story she made up.

Hazel’s favorite game was putting on shows for her family, using a curtain as her stage. School was a fun place too, where she met lots of friends and learned new things every day. Even back then, everyone could see Hazel had a sparkle that made her stand out, like a little star on stage.

Parents and siblings.

Hazel Lush has a dad named Austin Lush. She loves her dad very much and he supports her in everything she does. Hazel grew up in a house filled with laughter and love. She has a special bond with her dad who always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Hazel might have brothers or sisters, but we don’t know much about them. Like any other family, they enjoy spending time together. They have fun and share stories. Hazel’s family is very important to her and they cheer her on in every step of her journey.


Hazel Lush keeps her love life like a secret treasure map, not showing it to everyone. It’s as if she has a secret diary under her bed. It’s filled with heart doodles and dreams. But, she chooses when and if she wants to share it.

It’s like in stories. The princess might have a prince. Or, maybe she’s on an adventure by herself. Hazel’s story about having a boyfriend is hers to tell when she’s ready.

Hazel Lush Height, weight, and physical presence.

Hazel Lush stands tall like a basketball player, reaching up to 5 feet 8 inches into the sky. And her weight is 60 kilograms, which means she’s strong and healthy.

When Hazel walks into a room, she looks like a fairy-tale queen. Her smile lights up the whole place. She’s not just about being in movies; Hazel shows us how to stand tall and proud, just like a sunflower in the sun.

Hazel Lush Before Fame

Before Hazel Lush became a star, she was just like any other kid who loved playing make-believe. She grew up dreaming big dreams. Hazel’s room was filled with toys and costumes. There, she would pretend to be different characters, from princesses to superheroes. At school, she found joy in acting out plays and being creative.

She loved performing from an early age. It made her shine even in small school events. Hazel’s journey to fame began with her imagination and her belief that she could be anyone she wanted to be. She loved to entertain and make people smile, long before the cameras started rolling.

Hazel Lush Career

Hazel Lush began her adventure in the world of movies and internet videos in 2022. She first worked with a big movie place called “Many Vids.” Since then, Hazel has been in many shows where she acts and makes people smile and feel happy.

She loves to be in front of the camera and show everyone how she can pretend to be different people or characters. Hazel’s dream of being a star started to come true when she showed how good she is at making these fun videos. Every day, she gets to do what she loves, making pretend stories come to life.

Hazel Lush Net Worth

Hazel Lush has a treasure chest, kind of like the ones pirates have in stories. But instead of gold coins, her treasure is worth $3 million! Imagine a mountain of shiny toys and candies; that’s how much her treasure is. She got this treasure from being super good at acting and making fun videos.

Every time she smiles or pretends to be someone else on camera, her treasure chest gets a little more full. It’s like getting a gold star sticker every time she does something amazing! She shows us that doing what you love can fill your very own treasure chest.

Hazel Lush Famous Reason

Hazel Lush became famous because she is great at pretending. She pretends to be different people on camera. She started making movies and videos that lots of people watch on the internet. When Hazel acts, she brings stories to life, making everyone feel happy and excited.

She’s like a magician who uses her talent to create fun adventures and share them with the world. That’s why so many people like to watch her. It’s her magic of turning make-believe into something we can all see and enjoy that made her a star.

Hazel Lush Nationality and religion.

Hazel Lush is from the United States, which means she is American. Being American is like being part of a big family that has people from all sorts of places. It’s really cool because you get to learn about lots of different ways of living and celebrating. As for religion, it’s very personal. It’s like your favorite color or ice cream flavor.

Everyone chooses what feels right in their heart. Hazel might have a special religion. Some people love vanilla ice cream best or always pick purple as their favorite color.

Hazel Lush Legacy and Impact

Hazel Lush is like a bright star in the sky, lighting up the way for others. She shows us that it’s okay to dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true. Hazel’s work in movies and videos makes people smile and feel happy. She’s like a hero who uses her superpowers of acting to create magical stories.

Because of Hazel, many people learn to believe in themselves. They see that if Hazel can make her dreams come alive, they can too! Hazel’s story is like a seed that grows into a beautiful flower, inspiring everyone to be the best they can be.

Hazel Lush Future Plains

Hazel Lush has big dreams for the days ahead. She imagines herself in amazing stories. She makes more friends worldwide with her videos. Hazel wants to try new things. Maybe she’ll even direct a movie or write her own stories. They could become plays or films.

Hazel also dreams of helping animals and making the world a happier place with her talents. Every day is a step toward new adventures for Hazel, as she follows her heart into the future.


  • Hazel loves to paint. She makes colorful pictures.
  • She likes to dance. Dancing makes her happy.
  • Hazel enjoys acting in plays. It’s fun to be different characters.
  • She loves to read books. Fairy tales are her favorite.
  • Hazel enjoys making videos. She shares them on the internet.
  • She likes to play with her dog. They run and play in the park.
  • Hazel loves to travel with her family. They visit new places together.

Interesting Facts About Hazel Lush

  • Hazel loves animals a lot. She has a cute dog named Bingo.
  • She is very good at drawing. She likes to draw pictures of trees and animals.
  • Hazel enjoys making cookies. Chocolate chip is her favorite!
  • She can speak two languages. Besides English, she knows a little Spanish.
  • Hazel likes to sing and dance. She often puts on shows for her family.
  • On weekends, she goes to the park to play soccer with her friends.
  • Hazel has a big collection of hats. She wears a different one every day.


What does Hazel Lush do?

Hazel acts in movies and makes videos that many people watch on the internet. She loves to be in front of the camera and entertain people.

How old is Hazel Lush?

Hazel is 25 years old now. She celebrates her birthday every year on May 3rd. This makes her birthday very special.

Is Hazel Lush tall?

Yes, Hazel is quite tall. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is taller than a lot of her friends.

What are Hazel’s hobbies?

Hazel has many hobbies. She loves to paint, dance, act, read fairy tales, make videos, play with her dog, and travel with her family. She always finds something fun to do.

Does Hazel have any pets?

Yes, Hazel has a cute dog named Bingo. They love to play and run together in the park. Hazel loves animals very much.


In the end, Hazel Lush is a very cool person who does lots of fun things. She acts in movies and loves being in front of the camera.

She dreams big and works hard to make her dreams come true. Hazel teaches us to follow our hearts and keep doing what we love, no matter what. She’s like a superhero in real life, showing us that with kindness and hard work, we can all shine bright like stars. Hazel Lush is truly an inspiration to many people, big and small.

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