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Laura Saenz is from Colombia. She is an Instagrammer. She has stormed social media with her beautiful photos and charming personality. Born in 1996, she is currently 28 years old as of 2024. Laura has over 850,000 followers on her Instagram account. She has become popular on the platform. She is known for her athletic physique. Laura often shares photos of herself in stylish outfits and hairstyles. Laura loves fashion and fitness.

She’s also adventurous, enjoying skydiving and events like Oktoberfest in Munich. Her popularity on Instagram has also let her make fun content. For example, her popular reel is about OnlyFans. Laura’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, making her a rising star to watch in social media.

Who is Laura Saenz?

Laura Saenz is a lady who shares cool photos and videos on a place called Instagram. She was born in a country named Colombia and has many people who like watching what she does. Laura loves wearing fun clothes.

She also loves doing exciting things, like jumping out of airplanes! She started sharing her life on Instagram in 2018 and now lots of people follow her. Laura is also very strong and shows this in her pictures. She has fun making videos that make people laugh, and she reminds us to enjoy life and try new stuff.


Full Name:Laura Saenz
Born Date:1996
Age:28 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Laura’s real name is Laura Saenz. She has the same name that people call her on Instagram and everywhere else. Laura was named by her parents, Mariano Saenz and Carmen Perez, when she was born. Her name is special just like her. She likes her name because it’s part of who she is. Laura uses her name to share all the fun and exciting things she does.

Every time someone says “Laura Saenz,” they think of her cool photos and adventures. Remember, when you hear “Laura Saenz,” you’re hearing about a lady. She loves to make people smile with her stories.

Early Life and Education

Laura Saenz grew up in a beautiful place called Colombia. When she was a little girl, just like you, she went to school. Laura liked to learn new things and play with her friends. School was fun for her because she got to do lots of different activities.

Laura worked hard at her studies and enjoyed learning about the world around her. We don’t know which school she went to. But, we can guess she liked subjects like art and sports. She’s so creative and athletic today. Isn’t it cool how what we learn helps us grow?

Parents and siblings.

Laura Saenz’s family is a big part of her life. Her mom’s name is Carmen Perez, and her dad’s name is Mariano Saenz. They both come from Colombia, just like Laura. She grew up with them and maybe has brothers or sisters, but we don’t know much about them.

Families are special because they love and support each other. Laura’s parents must be very proud of all the fun things she does and shares with people all over the world. Family helps us become who we are, and Laura’s family sounds like a great team.


Laura Saenz likes to keep her life fun and shares many things with us. But, when it comes to talking about if she has a boyfriend, she keeps it a secret. Just like a hidden treasure, she hasn’t shared any clues about it on Instagram or anywhere else.

Sometimes, people like to keep some parts of their life for themselves, and that’s okay. Laura loves sharing about her adventures and what makes her happy, and that’s what she chooses to focus on. So, we enjoy what she shares and respect the things she keeps private.

Laura Saenz physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Laura Saenz is not too tall and not too short, just like a lot of people you might know. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Think of it like stacking about as many ruler sticks on top of each other! She also weight is 56 kilograms..

Laura works hard to stay healthy and strong. She exercises and eats well. This helps her have a body that can do fun activities, like jumping out of airplanes or dancing at big festivals. She shows us it’s cool to be strong and healthy.

Laura Saenz Before Fame

Before Instagram fame, Laura Saenz was like any other girl. She was growing up in Colombia. She enjoyed playing with her friends and learning new things at school. Laura was always curious. She loved trying different activities.

This helped her find what she enjoys most. Even before she shared her first picture on Instagram, Laura was good at wearing cool outfits. She was also adventurous.

Laura Saenz Career

Laura Saenz’s job is really cool! She uses her phone or camera to take pictures and videos and puts them on a website called Instagram. Many people follow her to see these pictures and videos. She shows off different clothes, hairstyles, and even funny sketches.

One of her videos about OnlyFans got really popular and more than 300,000 people watched it! Laura didn’t start doing this until 2018, but she’s really good at it now. Her job is like being a star on the internet where she gets to share parts of her life with everyone.

Laura Saenz Net Worth

Laura Saenz has saved up a lot of money from sharing pictures and making videos on Instagram. Her net worth is estimated to $2 million! That’s how much money Laura has. She got all this money by being really good at what she does on the internet.

People like to see her adventures and laugh at her funny videos, which helps her earn money. Laura saves her money from her Instagram work. It’s like saving allowance from doing chores. It’s like she has a giant treasure chest from sharing her fun life with everyone.

Laura Saenz Famous Reason

Laura Saenz got famous because many people on the internet liked her smile. They also liked her cool outfits and the fun places she went. She shared pictures and videos that made people happy and laugh. For example, she pretended in a funny video and showed her skydiving adventure.

People loved watching her do these fun things and wanted to see more. That’s how more and more people started to know who she is. They liked her because she always seemed to have a good time and shared that joy with everyone who watched her.

Laura Saenz Nationality and religion.

Laura Saenz is from a warm and colorful country called Colombia. This makes her Colombian. It’s a place with lots of mountains, coffee, and beautiful flowers. like people from all around the world, Laura grew up with certain beliefs and traditions. But, she hasn’t talked much about her religion.

That’s okay because everyone believes in different things. Just like some friends may enjoy different games or foods. People also have different religions. The important thing is that Laura loves sharing her adventures and joy with everyone. It doesn’t matter where they come from or what they believe.

Laura Saenz Social Media

Laura Saenz loves to share her fun moments online. She uses a website called Instagram, where she posts cool photos and videos. Imagine drawing a picture or taking a photo. Then, showing it to all your friends at school. That’s what Laura does, but on the Internet! She has lots of friends there, 850,000!

That’s like if everyone in a small city were watching what she does. Laura started sharing her pictures and videos on Instagram in 2018. Since then, more and more people have started to follow her. They follow to see her adventures, funny jokes, and beautiful outfits.

Laura Saenz Legacy and Impact

Laura Saenz is doing something special without even knowing it. She shares her fun times and adventures. She’s showing people worldwide that it’s important to be happy and to do things that make us smile. When Laura jumps out of a plane or dresses up in cool outfits, she’s teaching us that being brave is exciting. Trying new things can be, too.

She helps her friends on Instagram see that everyone can have adventures in their own way. Laura’s story is like planting joy and bravery in people’s hearts. It makes the world a little brighter and more fun for all.

Laura Saenz Future Plains

Laura Saenz has big dreams for what comes next! She wants to share even more fun things with her friends on Instagram. Maybe she’ll travel to new places and show us all the cool things she finds. Laura might even try new sports or hobbies and tell us all about it.

She also wants to make more funny videos because she loves making people smile. Imagine all the new outfits and hairstyles she will try! Laura’s future is full of adventures and surprises, and she can’t wait to take us along for the ride. Let’s see where she goes next!


  • Laura loves jumping from the sky! She went skydiving in June 2023. It’s like flying like a bird.
  • She likes dressing up in different outfits. Laura tries on many styles to see which looks best.
  • Going to big parties is fun for her. Laura went to the Oktoberfest in Munich in 2019. It’s a huge festival with lots of music and dancing.
  • Making videos is another hobby. She makes funny videos that lots of people watch. One is about OnlyFans and got over 300,000 views!
  • Laura enjoys taking pictures too. She shares these on Instagram where lots of friends can see.

Interesting Facts About Laura Saenz

  • Laura loves to jump from the sky! In June 2023, she went skydiving.
  • She visited a big festival in Munich called Oktoberfest in 2019. It’s like a huge party!
  • Laura started sharing pictures and videos on Instagram in 2018. She likes to share her life with people.
  • She made a funny video about OnlyFans, and over 300,000 people watched it!
  • Laura enjoys wearing different hairstyles. Sometimes long, sometimes short, she changes it a lot.
  • Her very first Instagram post said, “Enjoy your life.” She thinks having fun is important.
  • Laura thinks being active and healthy is cool. She often wears outfits that show her strong muscles.


Who is Laura Saenz?

She is a person who likes to share pictures on a place called Instagram. She has lots of people who enjoy seeing her photos. Laura was born in a country named Colombia and now she has many followers who like her style.

How old is Laura?

She is 28 years old as of the year 2024.

How tall is Laura?

She is not very tall and not very short – about as tall as five rulers stacked on top of each other!

Does Laura have any hobbies?

Yes! Laura loves jumping out of planes. She does it for fun. Laura also likes dressing up in cool clothes. She likes going to big parties, making funny videos, and taking lots of pictures. Remember, Laura shows it’s good to have fun and enjoy life by doing what you love!


Laura Saenz is a very cool lady who shares her fun life with us on Instagram. She loves to dress up, go skydiving, and make people laugh with her videos. Laura went to a big party called Oktoberfest and even made a video that lots of people liked.

She always tells us to enjoy life just like she does. Laura is also very strong and likes to show it in her photos. She has lots of friends on Instagram who like seeing her adventures. Remember, Laura teaches us to have fun and try new things, just like going to parties or even skydiving!

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