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Louise Lasser is a name that has been synonymous with comedy and acting for decades. She was born on April 11, 1939, in New York City, NY. Lasser has entertained the industry with her talent and wit for over 85 years. She became famous as the star of the satirical soap opera Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. She has continued to captivate audiences with her performances ever since. But, her journey to success was not just acting. She also has a degree in political science from Brandeis University.

Lasser’s personal life has also been of interest. She had a three-year marriage to Woody Allen. Her character was married to Judd Hirsch on the TV show Taxi. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weight is 58 kilograms, Lasser is the only child of Paula and Sol Jay Lasser.

Who is Louise Lasser?

Louise Lasser is a very talented actress who made lots of people laugh and smile. She was born in a big city called New York and has been acting in movies and TV shows for a very long time. People remember her best for being in a humorous show called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.”

She also went to a school named after it. There, she learned about something cool: political science. Louise was once married to Woody Allen, who makes movies. She’s special because she makes everyone happy with her acting. Louise is also the only kid of her mom and dad.


NameLouise Lasser
Date of BirthApril 11, 1939
Age85 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceNew York City
Real Name

Louise Lasser is her name when we see her on TV shows and movies. But when she was born, her mom and dad named her Louise Lasser too. Sometimes actors have different names when they act, but Louise kept her real name.

Just like some of your friends have nicknames. But, everyone knows them by their one special name. So, you might see her on your favorite show or hear about her in stories. Remember, she’s always been Louise Lasser. Isn’t it cool how she uses her real name everywhere?

Early Life and Education

Louise Lasser grew up in a big city filled with lights and tall buildings called New York City. As a little girl, she was always curious and loved to learn new things. When she was big enough to go to school, she worked really hard and did well in her classes. After finishing school in New York, Louise decided to go to Brandeis University.

At university, she didn’t study acting or movies. Instead, she learned political science. It’s all about how people make decisions for their country. Louise loved learning and always tried her best.

Parents and siblings.

Louise Lasser grew up as the very special and only child of her mommy, Paula Lasser, and her daddy, Sol Jay Lasser. That means she didn’t have any brothers or sisters to play or argue with. Just imagine, she got all the toys to herself and all the love and attention from her mom and dad!

Paula and Sol must have been very proud of Louise, especially when she became a famous actress on TV. Louise didn’t have siblings to share her childhood games with. But, she had her parents to support and encourage her dreams.


Louise Lasser was married to a man named Woody Allen. He’s someone who makes movies – kind of like a magician who pulls stories out of a hat but with a camera. They were married. That means they promised to be best friends forever. But, forever isn’t always as long as we think. They stayed married for three years, from 1966 to 1969.

That’s a bit like if you counted all your fingers, from one hand and then two more from the other. After that, they went on different adventures, just like characters in a storybook.


Louise Lasser doesn’t have any children of her own. In some TV shows or movies, she might play a mom with kids. It’s like when someone pretends to be a superhero or a princess.

But in real life, outside of acting, Louise didn’t have babies that she took care of. Instead, she spent her time making movies, painting, and doing lots of other fun hobbies. Just like some people have pets or plants they look after, Louise had her acting and art to take care of.

Louise Lasser physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Louise Lasser is just like a character from a storybook who has a magic height of 5 feet 5 inches. And her weight is 58 kilograms, kind of like if you imagine 58 bags of sugar all stacked up together.

Louise takes good care of herself, and that helps her look great on TV and in movies. It’s like how superheroes have their special suits. Louise has her unique look. It makes her stand out and shine.

Louise Lasser Before Fame

Before Louise Lasser became a big TV star, she was a regular girl growing up in New York City. Imagine a city with tall buildings and busy streets. That’s where she started dreaming about acting. Louise loved to learn, and she worked really hard in school. She didn’t start off famous; she had to practice a lot and go to many auditions.

Imagine trying out for the school play, but doing it over and over until you got the part. That’s what Louise did, but for TV shows and movies. She showed us that with hard work, you can achieve your dreams.

Louise Lasser Career

Louise Lasser became a big star in a show called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” where she made lots of people laugh. She also acted in movies, like one funny movie called “Bananas” with Woody Allen, who used to be her husband. Louise played different characters on TV too, like in a show called “Taxi” where she was someone’s wife.

She worked hard and showed up on TV lots of times, making everyone who watched her smile. Louise loved acting. She was very good at it. That’s why many people know her name and enjoy watching her shows and movies.

Louise Lasser Net Worth

Louise Lasser has a big treasure chest, like a pirate. But, instead of gold coins, it’s filled with money she earned by acting in shows and movies. Imagine having a chest where you keep all your toys, but for Louise, net worth is approximately $1 million!

That’s like if you saved every birthday and allowance money ever, and then some. She got this treasure by making people laugh and smile on TV. So, in a way, Louise’s ability to act and be funny is like her map to treasure.

Louise Lasser Famous Reason

Louise Lasser became super famous because of a TV show called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.” In this show, she played the main character, Mary Hartman, who was really funny and made lots of people laugh. It was a special show. It pretended to be like the soap operas that grown-ups watch. But, it was actually making jokes about them.

People loved watching Louise. She was great at making funny faces and saying silly things. This was different from other TV shows. That’s how she became a star that many people knew and loved.

Louise Lasser Nationality and religion.

Louise Lasser was born in a big, busy place called New York City, which is in a country named the United States. That means she is American, just like if you were born in the place where you live, you belong to that place too.

It’s about what she believes, like if she has a special way of seeing the world or follows a religion. That’s very personal. Just like some people might go to church. Others might have different beliefs. Everyone chooses what feels right for their heart. She, like everyone, has her own thoughts and feelings about these things.

Louise Lasser Legacy and Impact

Louise Lasser is like a shining star in TV land. She showed everyone how to be funny and real at the same time. Because of her, people everywhere learned that it’s okay to laugh at silly things and not be perfect all the time. Imagine making the whole world smile just by being you!

That’s what Louise did. She opened doors for other funny ladies to shine on TV too. Every time someone giggles at a funny show, it’s a little thanks to Louise. She left a sparkle in the world of comedy that keeps shining bright, making her a true hero in making us laugh.

Louise Lasser Future Plains

Louise Lasser has done lots of fun things in her life, like acting on TV and painting beautiful pictures. But what about the future? We don’t know her exact plans. But, we can guess she’ll keep doing things that make her happy.

Maybe she’ll paint more amazing pictures or even act in new shows or movies. She might also spend more time in her garden, growing pretty flowers and tasty veggies. Whatever Louise decides, we’re sure she’ll have lots of fun. She’ll also keep making people smile with her talents.


  • Louise loves to paint. She makes colorful pictures with her paints, like flowers and sunny days.
  • She enjoys reading a lot. Louise picks up books that tell funny or exciting stories and learns new things from them.
  • Louise has a small garden where she grows pretty flowers and yummy vegetables. She likes to dig in the dirt and watch her plants grow.
  • Making yummy treats is fun for Louise. She tries new recipes for cookies and cakes and shares them with her friends.
  • Louise likes to go for walks. She looks at trees, birds, and sometimes, she spots a squirrel or two. Walking makes her happy and calm.

Interesting Facts About Louise Lasser

  • Louise Lasser was born in a big city called New York City.
  • She became very famous for acting in a funny TV show.
  • Louise was once married to a man named Woody Allen, who makes movies.
  • She was in a movie called Bananas.
  • On a TV show called Taxi, she played someone’s wife.
  • Louise has no brothers or sisters; she’s an only child.
  • She’s not very tall, just a little bit taller than most moms and dads.
  • Louise loves acting and has been in lots of TV shows and movies.


How old is Louise Lasser?

Louise Lasser is 85 years old as of 2024.

What TV show made Louise famous?

Louise became famous from a TV show called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.”

Did Louise Lasser go to college?

Yes, she went to Brandeis University and studied political science.

Was Louise Lasser married to someone famous?

Yes, she was married to Woody Allen, who makes movies.

Does Louise Lasser have any brothers or sisters?

No, Louise doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. She’s an only child.

What does Louise like to do for fun?

Louise enjoys painting, reading, gardening, cooking, and going for walks.


Louise Lasser has done so many cool things in her life. She became really famous for acting on TV and even went to a big school to learn about politics. Louise was married to Woody Allen, who makes lots of movies, and she even acted in one called Bananas. She played important roles in other shows too, like being someone’s wife in Taxi.

Even though she’s the only kid in her family, she made lots of friends and fans because of her acting. Plus, Louise has fun hobbies like painting and gardening. Isn’t that awesome? Louise shows us that you can do many things you love and be really good at them.

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