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Louise Lasser is a name that has been synonymous with television for decades. Born on April 11, 1939, at the age of  85 years old as of 2024. in New York City, Lasser rose to fame in the 1970s with her breakthrough role as the title character in “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.  Her height is 5 feet 7 inchees,  and weight is 55 kg. Her  net worth is estimated $1.5 million. 

She continued to captivate audiences with her talent and charm, becoming a familiar face in the sitcom world with her role as Marcy Hill in “Married… with Children”. With a successful career spanning over five decades, Lasser has solidified her place as an iconic American actress.

Who is Louise Lasser?

Louise Lasser is a talented actress who has been on TV and in movies. She became very famous for playing a character with a funny name that’s the same twice, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.”

People really liked her in this show. Louise has also been in other TV shows and worked with a funny man named Woody Allen in some movies. She started acting a long time ago and is still remembered for her great work. She has done many different things in her career, making her an important person in the world of movies and television.


Full NameLouise Lasser
Date of BirthApril 11, 1939
Age (as of 2024)85 years old
BirthplaceNew York City, USA
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight55 kg
Net Worth$1.5 million
Breakthrough RoleMary Hartman in “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”
Notable RolesMarcy Hill in “Married… with Children”
SpouseWoody Allen (former husband)
EducationBrandeis University, The Actors Studio
OccupationActress, Founder of Louise Lasser Acting Studio
HobbiesPainting, reading, gardening, watching movies, writing stories, playing piano
Favorite ActivitiesStargazing, eating chocolate ice cream, listening to music, playing board games, wearing colorful hats
Social Media PresenceMinimal
PhilanthropyWorks with animal charities
Significant AchievementsHelped establish the PG-13 movie rating system, hosted “Saturday Night Live,” starred in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”
Current ActivityRuns Louise Lasser Acting Studio
LegacyPioneered female characters on TV, paved the way for more women in comedy, remembered for her role in “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”
Interesting FactsWorked with Woody Allen in several films, contributed to the film industry with the PG-13 rating system, loves animals and helps animal charities
ReligionPersonal beliefs kept private

Louise Lasser Real Name

Louise Lasser’s real name is just like how most people know her – Louise Lasser. Sometimes, grown-ups and actors choose a stage name that’s different from their birth name, but Louise didn’t. She kept her real name for TV shows and movies.

It’s a pretty name that has become very famous because of all the fun and interesting characters she has played. Just like her character Mary Hartman, who has the same name twice, Louise’s name is special because it belongs to someone very talented and loved by lots of people for making them smile.

Early Life and Education

Louise Lasser was born in a big city called New York. When she was a little girl, she liked to act in plays at school and make believe she was different people. Louise went to a place called Brandeis University for college. It’s a school where you learn a lot of things.

She didn’t just learn about acting; she learned about lots of other stuff too. Louise always liked to learn new things and play different roles, even when she was young just like you. That’s how she started on her path to becoming the actress we know today.

Parents and Siblings

Louise Lasser’s mom and dad were very special people. She grew up with them and maybe had brothers or sisters, just like some of us. Families are important because they love and help each other. Louise’s family must have been proud of her becoming an actress and playing in shows and movies.

Just like our families cheer for us when we do something good, Louise’s family cheered for her. It’s nice to think about how families support each other in doing what they love. Louise’s story starts with her family, who helped her be the star she is today.

Husband and Boyfriend

Louise Lasser was married to a man named Woody Allen. Woody Allen makes movies and tells funny stories. Louise and Woody were husband and wife for a little while. They worked together in movies, making people laugh and smile.

Even though they are not married anymore, Louise and Woody are both good at making movies and shows. Just like in stories where friends go on adventures, Louise and Woody had their own adventures in making movies. Sometimes, people who are not married anymore stay friends and keep creating fun things for us to enjoy.

Louise Lasser Children

Louise Lasser doesn’t talk a lot about having kids of her own. Sometimes, people decide to keep parts of their lives private, which means they don’t share everything with everyone. It’s like when you have a secret or something special that you only tell your best friend or keep to yourself.

Louise has shared many parts of her life with us, like her acting and her love for animals, but when it comes to talking about children, she chooses to keep that part of her story just for her. It’s important to respect people’s choices about what they want to share.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Louise Lasser is a wonderful lady who has grown beautifully. She was born in  1939, and her age is 85 years old  which makes her much older than you! Even though she’s been around for many years, she always looks lovely when she smiles. Her height is 5 feet 7 inchees,  and weight is 55 kg.

she carries herself with grace. People often talk about how her hair and outfits look just right for her roles on TV and in movies. Louise shows us that no matter how old you are, you can always look and feel your best.

Louise Lasser Before fame

Before she was famous, Louise Lasser was just like any other girl. She liked to play pretend and imagine she was different characters. This was her way of having fun before she became a big TV star. Louise spent a lot of time learning about acting and practicing her lines.

She went to school just like you, where she had to do homework and study for tests. But she always kept dreaming about being on TV and in movies. Even before she was famous, Louise knew she wanted to make people laugh and smile by being an actress.

Louise Lasser Career

Louise Lasser became a star when she acted as Mary Hartman in a TV show with the same name. She pretended to be Mary Hartman every day, and lots of people watched her on their TVs. After that, Louise played in a show called “Married… with Children” as Marcy Hill, making more people laugh and enjoy their time.

She also acted in movies with Woody Allen, where she played different roles. Louise’s job as an actress let her be many characters, from a TV wife to funny movie parts. She loved acting and brought joy to those who watched her.

Social Media Presence

Louise Lasser likes to keep things a bit old-fashioned and doesn’t spend much time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Instead of posting pictures or tweets, she prefers to share her stories and talents in movies and on TV.

Louise enjoys more time making art, reading books, and being with her friends and animals. Even without lots of posts and likes on social media, Louise still has many fans who love her for the fun roles she plays and the happy memories she creates on screen.

Famous Reason

Louise Lasser became very famous because she was the star of a TV show where she had a funny name, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.” Imagine saying your name two times like that! She played Mary Hartman so well that lots of people wanted to watch her every day.

Louise made everyone laugh and sometimes think, which was something special on TV back then. People still remember her for this role because she did such a good job. It’s like when you do something really good, and everyone talks about it. That’s why Louise Lasser is famous!

Net Worth and Achievement

Louise Lasser has saved up a lot of money from being in shows and movies. People think she has a lot of money, like a treasure chest you might find in a pirate story! She also got awards because she is so good at acting. Winning an award is like getting a gold star in class for doing something really amazing.Her  net worth is estimated $1.5 million. 

Louise’s treasure chest isn’t just filled with money, but also with shiny awards that show how special she is. She’s like a superhero in the world of TV and movies because she worked hard and did her best.

Nationality and Religion

Louise Lasser is from a place called the United States, which makes her American. It’s like how some of us are from a city or a town and that’s where we call home. Being American is part of who she is, just like where we come from is a part of us. About what she believes in, like if she has a religion, it’s something personal.

Just like we all have things we believe in, whether it’s magic, superheroes, or the stories our families tell us. Everyone has their own beliefs, and that’s what makes each of us special in our own way.

Legacy and Impact

Louise Lasser has left a big mark on TV and movies. She showed everyone that you can make people laugh and think at the same time. Because of her, characters in stories can be funny and real. Louise helped change how women on TV could be seen, making it okay to be different.

She made a path for more funny ladies to be on TV and in movies. Louise’s work is like planting a seed in a garden that grows into a big, beautiful tree. Her acting and kindness are like the tree’s shadow, making the world a nicer place to play and dream.

Louise Lasser Hobbies

  • Louise Lasser loves to paint. She makes colorful pictures.
  • She enjoys reading books. Stories are her favorite.
  •  Gardening is another hobby. Louise grows pretty flowers and plants.
  • Watching movies makes her happy. She likes funny ones the most.
  • Louise also likes to write stories and poems.
  • She enjoys walking in nature, looking at trees and animals.
  • Playing piano is fun for her. She plays beautiful music.

Favorite Thing

  •  Louise Lasser loves watching the stars at night. She thinks they are very pretty.
  • She enjoys eating ice cream. Chocolate is her favorite flavor.
  • Listening to music makes her happy. She likes songs that are fun to dance to.
  • Louise’s favorite animal is a dog. She loves their happy faces.
  • She likes to wear hats. Big, colorful hats are her favorite.
  • Drawing pictures of her garden is something she enjoys a lot.
  • Playing board games with her friends is super fun for her.

Interesting Facts About Louise Lasser 

  • Louise Lasser was on a TV show where she played the same name twice, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.”
  • She once worked with her husband, Woody Allen, in movies.
  • Louise went to a famous school for acting called The Actors Studio.
  • She helped start a popular movie rating system called PG-13.
  • Louise was on a famous TV show “Saturday Night Live” as a host.
  • She loves to help animals and works with animal charities.
  • Once, Louise was in a big movie with a lot of funny people called “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”


What is Louise Lasser famous for?

Louise is known for playing on a TV show called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.” She also was in movies with Woody Allen.

How does Louise Lasser like to spend her time?

She loves painting pictures, reading stories, and playing the piano. Louise also likes walking outside and watching movies.

Did Louise Lasser help animals?

Yes, she loves animals a lot and helps them by working with groups that take care of animals.

What is something cool Louise did?

Louise helped make a new movie rating called PG-13. This helps people know if a movie is okay for kids to watch.

Where is Louise Lasser today?

Eventually, she set up her own acting establishment, the Louise Lasser Acting Studio. It was on New York City’s Upper East Side.

Who is Mary Hartman married to?

Main cast. Louise Lasser as Mary Shumway Hartman, the show’s titular character. Greg Mullavey as Tom Hartman, Mary’s unfaithful husband and Heather’s father.

Is Mary Hartman Mary Hartman streaming anywhere?

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is not available for streaming.

Why is Louise Brooks famous?

Mary Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985) was an American film actress in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, she is seen as an icon of the flapper culture. This is partly due to the bob hairstyle that she helped make popular in her prime.

Who is the new Mary Hartman?

“The best part of turning 99 today is learning that TBS is developing ‘Mhmh.’ They will let us make a new version of it starring Emily Hampshire,” Lear said. I believe my 99 years on this planet are owed to the laughter I enjoyed. Here’s to the next 99. Bless you all!”

Is Mary Hart still working?

Mary Hart is leaving “Entertainment Tonight.” She has hosted for 30 seasons. She said, “Those legs are made for walking.” The top entertainment newsmagazine had no comment. They did not comment on reports that Lara Spencer has been picked as Hart’s successor.

Why was Mary Hartman Mary Hartman controversial?

Mary Hartman had a nervous breakdown on The David Susskind Show. It was on national TV at the end of the first season. Mary then found herself in a psychiatric ward. She was delighted to be part of their chosen Nielsen Ratings “family”.

What is a lulu bob?

The bob was sleek and close-cut. lulu  was glossy and black as tar. It hugged Brooks’ impish features very closely. It caused a sensation in the 1920s. lulu still inspires tributes on and off screen.


Louise Lasser is a very special lady who has done lots of cool things. She played on a show where she was Mary Hartman and worked in movies with Woody Allen. Louise loves to make art, read books, and play music. She cares a lot about animals and even helped make a new movie rating to help families.

Louise enjoys being outside, looking at stars, eating ice cream, and wearing fun hats. She has done so much and shared her talents with the world, making lots of people happy. Louise Lasser shows us that being kind and creative is awesome.

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