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Paula Malcomson is a famous actress. She is known for her varied roles in TV shows and films. Her career has spanned over two decades. She has become a household name in entertainment. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1970, Paula is currently 54 years old as of 2024. She has won the hearts of audiences with her captivating performances. She has amassed a net worth of $2 million. Paula is 5 feet 6 inches tall and her weight is 62 kilograms. Her body is as impressive as her acting skills.

Who is Paula Malcomson?

Paula Malcomson is a very talented actress. She acts in TV shows and movies. Imagine playing dress-up but as your job – that’s what she does! She has played many roles. For example, she was Trixie in a cowboy show called “Deadwood.” She was also a caring mom in a movie where kids show courage called “Hunger Games.”

Paula was born in a place far away called Belfast, in Northern Ireland. She loves to act and has been doing it since she was young, showing us many stories through her characters. She brings make-believe to life on screen, making us smile, laugh, and sometimes even cry.


NamePaula Malcomson
Date of Birth1970
Age54 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceNorthern Ireland
Real Name

Paula Malcomson’s real name is a bit like a secret code that she sometimes uses. When she acts in movies or on TV, people sometimes call her Paula Williams. It’s like having a special nickname that only some people know.

Just like how sometimes you might pretend to be a superhero or a princess and give yourself a cool, new name. But usually, everyone knows her as Paula Malcomson. She is the actress who brings stories to life on big and small screens. It’s her real name that shines when she’s acting.

Early Life and Education

Paula Malcomson grew up in a place called Belfast. When she was a little girl, just like you, she went to school. Paula liked to learn new things, just like when you discover something new in your class.

Paula’s love for acting probably started when she was very young. She learned and had fun at school.

Parents and siblings.

Paula grew up in a family that was probably a lot like yours. She had a mom and dad who cared about her very much. Paula might have had brothers or sisters to play with, just like some of you do. Families can be big with lots of people, or they can be small.

We don’t know if Paula had many siblings or if she was an only child. Imagine having fun with your family, playing games, and telling stories. That’s what Paula probably did with her family in Belfast when she was young, just like you do with yours now.


Paula Malcomson likes privacy. So, she doesn’t talk much about her husband to the public. We’re not sure if she’s married. She likes to keep that part of her life just for herself, like a special secret. Queens and princesses have parts of their stories just for them, like in a fairy tale. And that’s okay.

It’s important to respect people’s secrets. They are the things they choose to keep to themselves. So, we’ll focus on the amazing stories she tells us through her acting.


Paula Malcomson is very private. She doesn’t share much about her family. We’re not sure if she has any children because she likes to keep those details just for herself. It’s like having a special secret garden where you keep your most precious things.

Just like how sometimes you might have a secret diary or a treasure box that’s just for you. It’s important to have things that are just yours, and Paula feels the same way about her personal life. So, we respect her privacy and the stories she chooses to share.

Paula Malcomson physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Paula Malcomson stands tall, like when you stretch up high to reach the sky, at approximately 5 feet 6 inches. And her weight is about 62 kilograms, which is like if you took a big dog and tried to pick it up – pretty heavy, right?

Paula is strong and healthy. She looks just right for the many characters she plays in movies and on TV. She can be a superhero, a mom, or even a space explorer with her height and how she looks!

Paula Malcomson Before Fame

Before Paula Malcomson became a famous actress on TV and in movies, she was a little girl. She was growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Just like you, Paula had dreams and a big imagination. She loved to play pretend, acting out stories and becoming different characters. This was her way of practicing for her future roles.

Before she lit up the screen as Trixie or as a brave mom in “Hunger Games,” she was learning and dreaming just like you. Every big star’s journey starts somewhere small, and for Paula, it began with a young heart full of dreams.

Paula Malcomson Career

Paula Malcomson has been in many TV shows and movies. In them, she pretends to be different people. She was Trixie in a cowboy show called “Deadwood” and a caring mom in “Hunger Games.”

She had key roles in other shows too. For example, in “Ray Donovan,” she played part of a family with many secrets. She works hard and brings make-believe to life on screen.

Paula Malcomson’s net worth.

Paula Malcomson has saved up a lot of money from her job as an actress. She has estimated net worth is $2 million! That’s how much money Paula has from acting in movies and TV shows. It’s like if you saved up every dollar you got for your birthday, doing chores, or from the tooth fairy, but a lot more!

She got this money by pretending to be different people on screen and doing a really good job at it. She uses some of this money to take care of her pets and maybe buy some art supplies for her painting and drawing hobby.

Paula Malcomson Famous Reason

Paula Malcomson became famous. She played unique roles on TV and in movies. Think about when you dress up as your favorite hero and everyone says, “Wow!” That’s kind of what happened to Paula. She was Trixie in a cowboy show and a mom in a big adventure movie called “Hunger Games.” People watched her act and said, “She’s amazing!”

Because she pretended so well, more people wanted to see her in other shows and movies. That’s how she became a star. Just like when you do something really well, and everyone cheers for you.

Paula Malcomson Nationality and religion.

Paula Malcomson comes from a place called Belfast. It is in a country named Northern Ireland. This makes her Northern Irish. It’s like when you say where you’re from, whether it’s a city or a different country. Knowing where people are from helps us learn more about them, like what games they play or what foods they like.

Not everyone talks about their religion, and that’s okay. It’s part of what makes everyone special in their own way, just like you and your friends.

Paula Malcomson Legacy and Impact

Paula Malcomson has done amazing things in movies and on TV. She’s like a superhero who shows us it’s okay to be strong and kind at the same time. When people watch Paula act, they see someone who is brave and full of heart.

She’s like a storybook hero who has come to life. Because of her, many girls and boys believe they can be heroes too. Paula shows everyone that being kind, brave, and true is the best way to be. Her stories stay in our hearts, like magic spells that remind us to be our best selves.

Paula Malcomson Future Plains

Paula Malcomson has big dreams for her future! Just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up, Paula thinks about new stories she can be a part of. She hopes to keep acting in movies and TV shows that make people feel happy, brave, and inspired.

Paula might even try being a director, which means she would help guide other actors to tell a story. Plus, she wants to keep helping animals and making art.


  • Paula loves animals a lot. She enjoys playing with her pets at home. She has fluffy dogs and cats.
  • She likes to read storybooks. Fairy tales and adventure stories are her favorites.
  • Paula loves to walk outside. She likes parks and beaches where she can see trees, flowers, and the ocean.
  • She enjoys making tasty dishes in the kitchen. She tries new recipes for her family and friends.
  • Paula loves to watch movies. She likes funny cartoons and heroic tales the most.
  • She is good at making art. Paula paints beautiful pictures and draws with colorful pencils.
  • She loves music. Paula listens to songs and sometimes dances to the music.

Interesting Facts About Paula Malcomson

  • Paula was born in a place called Belfast. It’s in Northern Ireland.
  • She acts on TV and movies. She pretended to be someone named Trixie on a show called “Deadwood.”
  • Paula was in a movie about a big game where kids have to be really brave, called “Hunger Games.” She played a mom.
  • People sometimes call her Paula Williams, but her real name is Paula Malcomson.
  • She has been in lots of TV shows. Some are about space, doctors, and police officers.
  • Paula is not very tall. She’s as tall as five and a half rulers stacked on each other.
  • She loves acting and has been doing it for a long time.


What does Paula Malcomson do?

Paula acts in TV shows and movies. She pretends to be different people.

How tall is she?

She’s as tall as about five and a half footlong subs!

Has Paula been in any cool movies?

Yes! She was in “Hunger Games” playing a mom.

Why do some people call her Paula Williams?

Sometimes she uses a different name, but she’s the same person.

Does Paula like animals?

Yes, she loves playing with her pets.

What kind of stories does Paula enjoy reading?

She loves fairy tales and adventure stories.

Is Paula from around here?

No, she’s from a place far away called Belfast in Northern Ireland.


In the end, Paula Malcomson is a very talented lady who has been in lots of shows and movies. She loves acting and has played many different people on TV and in films. Paula is also a kind person who loves animals, reading books, and being outside in nature. She makes beautiful art and enjoys cooking and watching movies too.

Paula has shown us how to be brave and try new things, just like the characters she plays. She’s a great example of following your dreams and working hard. Paula’s story tells us that you can be anything you want if you believe in yourself.

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