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Strother Martin Best known for his iconic roles in films such as Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Strother Martin had a successful career in Hollywood that spanned over three decades. he was born on March 26, 1919, He was died on Aug 1, 1980 (age 61).His height is 5 feet 5 inchess and his weight is 55kg. His net worth is  2 millions.  

But there is more to this talented actor than just his on-screen presence. In this post, we will delve into his personal life, his rise to fame, and his net worth. So, let’s take a closer look at the life of Strother Martin, a true legend of the silver screen.

Who is strother martin ?

Strother Martin was a man who loved to be in movies. Imagine pretending to be different people and having adventures every day – that was his job! He was very good at acting, which is when you pretend to be someone else in a movie or a play.

Strother was in some famous movies where he got to be the tough guy or the funny friend. He started out loving to swim and dive, splashing into water just for fun. Then, he found out he also loved acting. He became famous because he was really good at it and made people enjoy watching him.


Full NameStrother Douglas Martin Jr.
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1919
Place of BirthKokomo, Indiana, USA
Date of DeathAugust 1, 1980
Age at Death61 years
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight55 kg
Net Worth$2 million
Known ForIconic roles in “Cool Hand Luke” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”
Famous Quote“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” (Cool Hand Luke)
ParentsEthel and Strother Douglas Martin
SpouseHelen Meisels (m. 1967 – 1980)
Early PassionsSwimming and diving
Military ServiceU.S. Navy swimming instructor during World War II
Career StartActing in small plays
Notable Films“Cool Hand Luke,” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” six movies with John Wayne
HobbiesSwimming, watching movies, learning about animals, reading books, spending time in nature, playing games with friends
Favorite ActivitiesSwimming, watching movies, learning about animals, reading books, exploring nature, laughing with friends
Social Media PresenceNone (before the era of social media)
ReligionNot specified
LegacyLeft a significant impact on cinema, famous for his acting versatility and memorable quotes
Burial PlaceForest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
Interesting Facts– Skilled swimmer and diver<br>- Unique name<br>- Lived in Texas for a period<br>- Famous line in “Cool Hand Luke”
Movies with John Wayne“The Horse Soldiers,” “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” “McLintock!,” “The Sons of Katie Elder,” “True Grit,” “Rooster Cogburn”

strother martin Real Name

Strother Martin’s real name might sound like something from a storybook, but it’s actually the same as the name we’ve been talking about! Yes, his full name was Strother Douglas Martin Jr. It’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Just like some people might have long or unique names, Strother did too.

Imagine having the same name as your dad, but with a “Jr.” at the end to show you’re the son. That’s exactly what his name means. So, whenever you hear “Strother Martin,” you now know that’s his real, whole name!

Early Life and Education

From a young age, Strother Martin was full of energy and curiosity. Born in Kokomo, Indiana, he was always splashing around, loving the water. When he was just a little kid, he discovered his passion for swimming and diving, which made him super happy.

Strother went to school like other kids, where he learned all sorts of things – from reading books to solving math problems. But even at school, he couldn’t stop thinking about diving into a pool and swimming. His love for the water was just the beginning of his exciting journey to becoming a famous actor.

Parents and Siblings

Strother Martin was born to Ethel and Strother Douglas Martin. He was their little boy, and they named him after his dad, adding “Jr.” at the end to make it special. Just like in many families, his parents took care of him and helped him learn about the world.

We don’t know if Strother had brothers or sisters to play with or to share his toys. Sometimes, having siblings means you have friends right at home to play games with and share secrets. Imagine if Strother had someone to splash in the pool with him or to practice acting together!

Wife and girlfriend

Strother Martin found someone special to share his life with, just like in the stories where the prince finds his princess. Her name was Helen Meisels, and they got married in 1967. They were like best friends who decided to spend their whole lives together, taking care of each other and sharing adventures.

Just like in fairy tales, they had a love that was strong and true. Helen was very important to Strother, like finding treasure in a story. They didn’t have kids, but they had a lot of love and happy times together, making their own special story.

strother martin Children

Strother Martin and his wife, Helen, didn’t have any children of their own. Just like some families have lots of kids running around, and some have a few, Strother and Helen’s family was just the two of them. They filled their days with love and adventures together, creating a cozy story just for themselves.

Even though they didn’t have children, Strother and Helen shared a lot of happy times, making their home full of laughter and joy in their own special way.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Strother Martin was an adult man who had grown to his full size, just like when you see your parents and they seem much taller than you! People come in all different heights and weights, and Strother was just right for himself. He had a face that many people remembered because he was in movies.

Imagine having a smile or eyes that people could recognize just from seeing you on a big screen! Strother looked exactly how he needed to for all the different characters he played, making him a special part of the stories he helped tell.

Before fame

Before Strother Martin became a movie star, he had a pretty normal life, just like you and me. He went to school and learned lots of interesting things. But what made him a little different was his love for swimming and diving. He was so good at it that he could have been a champion swimmer! Instead of going to big swimming competitions, he found his way into acting.

Strother started by acting in small plays and learning how to be different characters. It was like playing dress-up and make-believe, which helped him become the great actor we know.

strother martin Career

Strother Martin found his magic path in acting, which means he played pretend for his job! He was in many movies, turning into characters like the tough guy or the friendly helper. Imagine dressing up and pretending to be someone else every day – that was what Strother did!

He worked hard, learning how to act in small plays before he became famous. Being in movies is like being part of a big story that everyone can see. Strother got to be in some stories that lots of people loved, making them laugh or sit on the edge of their seats.

Social Media Presence

In a world filled with lots of clicking and scrolling on screens, it’s a bit funny to think about someone like Strother Martin having a social media page, right? Well, when Strother was shining bright as a star in movies, things like Instagram or Twitter weren’t around.

People couldn’t “like” his photos or watch videos of him diving into a pool with a tap on a screen. Instead, fans had to catch him on the big movie screen or read about him in magazines. So, unlike movie stars today, Strother didn’t share his adventures or favorite moments online for people to see anytime they wanted.

strother martin Famous Reason

Strother Martin became very famous because he was an amazing actor in movies. He had a special way of making characters seem real and interesting. People loved watching him because he could play different kinds of roles – sometimes he was the bad guy, and other times he could make you laugh. His most famous line,

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate,” from the movie Cool Hand Luke, is something many people still remember and say. This shows how good he was at acting and why so many people enjoyed watching him on the big movie screen.

Net Worth and Achievement

Strother Martin did really well in his acting job, which helped him earn money, kind of like getting an allowance for doing chores but much more! His movies were so loved by people that he became very famous.

Imagine having your artwork on the fridge, and everyone in your family says,Wow!” That’s how Strother felt when people enjoyed his acting. While we might not know exactly how much money he made, like counting your piggy bank savings, it’s sure he did okay because of his hard work in so many movies that people liked watching.

Nationality and Religion

Strother Martin was born in a place called Kokomo, which is in Indiana, USA. That means he was American! America is a big country with lots of people from different places. It’s like a giant puzzle with every state being a piece of it, and Indiana is one of those pieces.

About his religion, it’s like what people believe in their hearts about the world and how to be good to others. We don’t know what Strother believed, but what’s important is how we remember him for the kind things he did and the joy he brought through his movies.

Legacy and Impact

Strother Martin left a big mark in movie land. Think of him like a superhero who left behind special powers. His movies still make people laugh and feel excited. Just like when you draw a beautiful picture and everyone sees it, Strother’s acting is seen by many people even now.

His famous words in a movie are used by many to remember how good he was. Strother showed that being yourself and working hard is important. He made the world a happier place with his movies, like a magician spreading joy. That’s a pretty awesome thing to do!

strother martin Hobbies

  • Strother Martin liked to swim. He was very good at it when he was a kid.
  • He loved diving into the water too. It was fun for him.
  • Strother enjoyed watching movies. He liked all sorts of stories.
  • He was interested in animals. Strother liked to learn about different kinds.
  • He enjoyed reading books. Stories and facts were both interesting to him.
  • Strother liked to spend time outside. Walking in nature made him happy.
  • Playing games with friends was fun for him. He liked to laugh and have a good time.

Favorite Thing

  • Strother’s favorite thing was swimming. He loved to swim like a fish in the water.
  • He also really liked movies. Watching heroes and adventures on the big screen was super fun for him.
  • Animals made him smile. He enjoyed learning about all the different types that live in our world.
  • Reading books was a big deal for Strother. He could learn new things or go on adventures just by turning the pages.
  • Playing outside and exploring nature was another favorite. He felt happy under the sun, looking at trees and birds.
  • Laughing with friends during games was the best. Strother thought sharing fun times made everything more special.

Interesting Facts About strother martin

  • Strother was born in a place called Kokomo. That’s in Indiana!
  • He could swim really well, almost like a fish.
  •  Strother loved to dive into water. Splash!
  • He acted in movies, which is like being a hero or a funny character on TV.
  • Strother had a very unique name, don’t you think?
  • He lived in Texas for a little bit with his family. Texas is very big!
  • Movies and swimming were some of his favorite things to do.
  • He also liked animals a lot. Maybe he liked dogs or cats, or even both!


What did Strother Martin like to do?

He loved swimming, diving, and watching movies!

Was Strother Martin in movies?

Yes! He acted in movies and was like the characters you see on TV.

Did Strother Martin like animals?

Yep, he really liked learning about all kinds of animals.

Where was Strother Martin from?

He was born in Kokomo, Indiana but he also lived in Texas for a little bit.

 What was Strother Martin’s favorite thing?

Swimming! He loved to swim a lot, just like a fish in the water.

Was Strother Martin married?

Helen MeiselsStrother Martin / Spouse (m. Martin was married to Helen Meisels-Martin from 1967 until his death. They had no children. In the last few years of his life, Martin was under a doctor’s care for diabetes and cardiac problems.

Was Strother Martin in the military?

He served in the U.S. Navy as a swimming instructor in World War II. They nicknamed him “T-Bone” Martin for his diving style. He finished 3rd in the adult National Springboard Diving Championships. This cost him a spot on the 1948 Olympic team.

What is Strother Martin famous for?

Strother Martin was an amazingly prolific character actor. For a guy who didn’t look physically imposing, he could be seriously menacing. Of course, he has one of the most famous lines in movie history. His, “What we have here, is a failure to communicate,” from “Cool Hand Luke” still resonates today.

What does the name strother mean?

wooded marshland, marsh covered in brushwood This is a name from a place in northeastern England. The place was once called (The) Strother. It was named with Middle English strother, struther, or stroder. These words mean ‘wooded marshland’ in Old English.

Where is Strother Martin buried?

Actor Strother Martin’s grave is in the Courts of Remembrance. It is at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills. It is in Los Angeles, California, USA on November 6, 2023. Photo by Barry King/Alamy Stock Photo.

How many John Wayne movies was Strother Martin in?

He appeared in six movies with John Wayne. They were The Horse Soldiers (1959), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), and McLintock! (1963), The Sons of Katie Elder (1965), True Grit (1969) and Rooster Cogburn (1975).

Who is the warden in Cool Hand Luke?

The supporting cast includes a memorable performance from Strother Martin. He plays the unsympathetic warden. It also includes Newman’s fellow Actors Studio members Dennis Hopper and Lou Antonio. They later became Artistic Directors of The Actors Studio West.

Who played newly on Gunsmoke?

Buck Taylor is a veteran actor. He is best known for playing Newly on the long TV Western “Gunsmoke.” The son of actor Dub Taylor, Buck Taylor grew up in Hollywood around actors and on film sets. He studied Theater at USC and served two years in the navy before embarking on his acting career.

What does Fouz mean in Arabic?

Fouzan is an Arabic name. It can also be spelled Fawzan, Fowzan, or Fauzan. It means “successful,” “success,” “victorious,” or “victor.” The root word is “fouz”. The tense is shown by “an”.

Is Annan a boy name?

Annan is a boy’s name of Scottish origin, meaning “brook.” It was a Scottish surname. Annan  has become a popular first name in recent years. It is sure to help a baby go with the flow!

Who played in the most John Wayne movies?

John Wayne had a number of actors he appeared with over and over. They include Ward Bond, Maureen O’Hara, Harry Carey Jr. Ben Johnson, but for my money Paul Fix would be my choice. They appeared together in 22 movies going back to 1943.


In the end, we learned so much about Strother Martin! He was not just a person who loved to swim and dive but also someone who made many people smile through his movies.

His love for animals, nature, and having fun with friends shows he had a big heart. Strother’s story is like a wonderful adventure book that teaches us to enjoy what we do and to share our happiness with others. Remember, doing what you love, like Strother did with swimming and acting, can turn into something amazing. Isn’t that cool?

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