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Imani Duckettis is the daughter of famous actress Jasmine Guy. She has been making a name for herself in entertainment since she was born on March 28, 1999. At 25 years old, Imani has already achieved success as an actress, model, and dancer. She recently graduated from Atlanta Girls School. Her mother shared photos from the special day.

In 2016, Imani made her first acting debut in the Atlanta play “Serial Black Face”. She got praise for her performance. Imani is 5 feet 6 inches tall and her weight is 57kg. She has captured the attention of many with her talent and beauty. With a net worth estimated at $2 million, it’s clear that Imani’s career is only beginning. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Imani Duckettis’ net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki in 2024.

Who is Imani Duckettis?

Imani Duckettis is a young lady who loves to act, dance, and model. She was born in 1999, which makes her 25 years old. Imani is Jasmine Guy’s daughter, a very famous actress. She learned a lot from her mom and even acted in a play.

Imani went to a school for girls in Atlanta and had a big graduation day with her friends. She’s not very tall, a little bit taller than most of the kids her age. Imani has been in a play and likes to make beautiful art, dance around, and bake sweet treats. She’s special and does a lot of fun things!


NameImani Duckettis
Date of BirthMarch 28, 1999
Age25 years old as of 2024
Birthplace United States

Real Name

Imani’s real name is like a princess’s name from a storybook. It’s not a secret or a magic spell; it’s Imani Duckettis. Her name is special because it connects her to her mommy and daddy. Imani means faith, and it suits her, as she believes in following her dreams.

“Duckettis” comes from her daddy, Terrence Duckett, making it a mix of both her mom and dad’s love. Imani’s real name reveals her identity and origin, much like a superhero’s name.

Early Life and Education

Imani grew up in a world full of smiles, music, and dance. As a little girl, she loved playing pretend and dressing up in colorful outfits. When Imani got bigger, she went to a school called Atlanta Girls’ School.

It was a special place where she learned all kinds of interesting things, like in her storybooks. She studied hard, played with her friends, and learned how to be a good friend too. Every day, she found something new and fun. It filled her mind with dreams and ideas.

Parents and siblings.

Imani is lucky to have a mommy named Jasmine Guy, who is a shining star in movies and TV shows. Jasmine is very talented, like Imani, and loves her very much. Imani’s daddy is Terrence Duckett. He and Jasmine helped Imani dream big dreams.

Imani doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, so she gets all the cuddles and bedtime stories to herself. Her mommy and daddy may not be together anymore, but they both cheer for Imani and help her be the best she can be. They’re like her very own superhero team, always ready to support her.


Imani Duckettis likes to keep her heart’s stories a little secret, like a hidden treasure. She hasn’t shared if there’s a special someone who makes her heart dance. They make it flutter like butterflies. she’s too busy exploring the world of acting, dancing, and creating beautiful art.

Or she’s finding joy in simple things. She likes reading fairy tales, baking sweet treats, and playing dress-up. As in storybooks, sometimes princesses wait for the right moment. Then, they reveal their prince. For now, Imani’s family and friends fill her story with adventures, dreams, and lots of love.

Imani Duckettis physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Imani is like a fairy tale princess with her own unique sparkle. She stands as tall as a magic beanstalk, at 5 feet 6 inches. That’s taller than many kids and even some grown-ups! She weight is as light as 57 kg, which helps her dance like the wind and glide on stage.

Imani is right. She isn’t too tall or too short. She is perfect for reaching for the stars and twirling in her dancing shoes. With her enchanting smile, she shines bright, making everyone around her happy. Like a character from your favorite story, Imani is wonderful the way she is.

Imani Duckettis Before Fame

Long before Imani Duckettis danced in the spotlight or acted on a big stage, she was a little girl with big dreams. She spent her days playing pretend, dancing in her living room, and putting on shows for her family.

Imani loved to dress up in sparkly costumes and pretend she was a fairy tale princess. Every day was an adventure, filled with stories and laughter. She listened to her mommy’s stories about acting and dreamed of one day being like her.

Imani Duckettis Career

Imani Duckettis is not any young lady; she’s a shining star in the world of acting, dancing, and modeling. She showed the world her talents in the play “Serial Black Face.” Since then, she has kept following her heart. She has gone into the bright lights of entertainment. She lights up the stage with her dances and makes every scene special with her acting.

Imani is like a superhero in her favorite movies. She is on a big adventure, creating stories that make people smile and cheer. She’s always ready to share her talents and bring a little magic to everyone’s day.

Imani Duckettis The Financial Aspect: Imani Duckett’s Net Worth

Imani has a big treasure chest filled with gold coins, like a pirate in stories! Well, not exactly gold coins, but something like it. Her treasure is worth $2 million! Imagine all the toys and candies you could buy with that.

Imani got this treasure by excelling in acting, dancing, and modeling. Like when you do a great job, you get a gold star.

She worked hard and showed everyone how talented she is, and that’s how her treasure chest got so full. Isn’t that cool?

Imani Duckettis Famous Reason

Imani Duckettis is famous. She is good at acting, dancing, and modeling. She got her first big chance to show everyone how good she is in a play called “Serial Black Face.”

People liked watching her act so much that they talked about it and told their friends. Plus, many people to see if Imani is as talented. She is the daughter of the already famous Jasmine Guy. Guess what? She is! That’s how Imani became a star that shines bright in the entertainment world.

Imani Duckett’s nationality and religion.

Imani Duckettis was born in a place called the United States, which means she is American. It’s like how some kids are from places where they have snow all year, or where the sun is always shining!

As for religion, it’s very personal. It’s about what people believe. It’s like stories about the stars or the reason the sun comes up. Imani might have her own beliefs. You might have your favorite storybook or bedtime tale. It’s something that makes everyone unique in their own way!

Imani Duckett’s Legacy and Impact

Imani Duckettis is like a shining star in a big, beautiful night sky. She shows everyone that it’s great to follow your dreams, no matter how big. This is especially true for young girls. She’s like a superhero. She teaches us to be brave and kind. Imani shows us to keep dancing, acting, and smiling. She does this even when things get tough.

Every time Imani steps on stage or in front of a camera, she lights up the world a little more, making it a happier place. She helps people believe in magic and the power of dreams, like in our favorite fairy tales.

Imani Duckettis Future Plains

Imani has big dreams for tomorrow! She wants to keep acting, dancing, and making beautiful art. Imagine her on a huge stage, with bright lights shining down, making everyone clap and cheer. Imani also dreams of flying around the world.

She dreams of meeting new friends and learning about different places. she’ll be in movies or invent a new dance move! Whatever she chooses, Imani’s adventure is starting. She’s like a brave explorer, ready to discover new treasures and share her gifts with the world. Isn’t it exciting to think about all the fun things Imani will do?


  • Imani loves to play dress-up. She uses colorful clothes and fun accessories to look like her favorite characters.
  • Just like her mom, Imani enjoys dancing. She dances to all kinds of music and learns new moves.
  • Imani likes reading storybooks. She loves fairy tales and adventure stories the most.
  • She uses crayons and markers to draw pictures. Imani creates beautiful art of animals, flowers, and sometimes her dreams.
  • Imani loves to play outside with her friends. They run, jump, and play games like tag and hide and seek.
  • On rainy days, Imani watches her favorite movies. She likes funny cartoons and movies about heroes.
  • With help, Imani bakes cookies and cupcakes. She decorates them with lots of colors and sprinkles.

Interesting Facts About Imani Duckettis

  • Imani was born on March 28, 1999.
  • She loves acting, dancing, and modeling.
  • Her mom is famous actress Jasmine Guy.
  • Imani went to Atlanta Girls School.
  • She acted in a play called “Serial Black Face.”
  • Imani is 5 feet 6 inches tall.
  • She has a net worth of $2 million.
  • Likes spending time with friends and family.


What is Imani’s favorite thing to do?

Imani loves to dance, act, and model! She enjoys being creative and showing off her talents.

How tall is Imani?

Imani is as tall as a giraffe’s neck! kidding, she’s 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is taller than most fridges!

Who are Imani’s mom and dad?

Imani’s mom is Jasmine Guy, a famous actress. Her dad’s name is Terrence Duckett. They both love Imani very much!

Did Imani go to school?

Yes, Imani went to a school for girls in Atlanta. She learned lots of cool stuff and made many friends there.

Has Imani been in a play?

Yes, Imani was in a play called “Serial Black Face” where she pretended to be someone else. Acting is fun!

What does Imani like to do for fun?

Imani loves playing dress-up, reading books, and baking yummy treats. She also likes watching movies and playing outside with friends.


In the end, Imani Duckettis is a shining star, like her mom, Jasmine Guy. She loves acting on stage, dancing to cool music, and making pretty drawings. Imani is also very good at dressing up in fun outfits and playing with her friends.

She has already done some amazing things, like being in a play and going to a special school for girls. Plus, she has saved a lot of money from her hard work! Imani shows us that with passion and hard work, you can follow your dreams and have lots of fun along the way. Isn’t that cool?

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